From mowing to chemical application to irrigation and more, Cedar Valley Media is your “go-to” service for delivering accurate measurements that thrill your customers and optimize your profits.

Cedar Valley Media can measure any outdoor surface of a property.

  • Measure Turf, Beds, Edges, etc. Square Footage and Linear Distance
  • Count Trees, Shrubs and ANY Other Objects
  • Calculate Parking Lot and Sidewalk Square Footage
  • Count Parking Stalls, Speed Bumps, Light Poles, Building Entrances, Drains etc.
  • Identify & Label Parking Lot Obstacles

With Cedar Valley Media you get quick and accurate grouped measurements by surface type (turf, mulch, asphalt, bed edges, etc.) and property boundaries with owner information.

We create clear, concise property diagrams for clients, crews and office staff and quickly quantify materials and equipment needed to get the job done. Not only can we measure square footage of turf, beds, parking lots etc., we can calculate how much mulch you need with the volume calculator.

Boost job site efficiency and performance with detailed site maps. Distribute color-coded site maps to office staff, customer and crew, and everyone is literally on the same page.

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