Get efficiently measured properties with Cedar Valley Media's cost-effective services. We use high-resolution satellite imagery to provide accurate and quick measurements for a variety of industries, from real estate to construction to environmental management. Contact us today to streamline your measuring process.

Property Measurement

Accurate measurements of turf areas for landscaping projects.

Project Estimations

Calculation of materials, time, and labor needed for landscaping projects.

Site Analysis Reporting

Comprehensive report of property measurements for informed decision making.

Need a Property Takeoff?

Cedar Valley Media (CVM) offers property takeoffs and measurement estimates for efficient outdoor landscape management. Utilizing current takeoff processes, CVM reduces labor, increases fleet longevity, and shortens turnaround time for estimating and bidding, all while improving accuracy.

Don't know how much?

Are you tired of unexpected costs and inaccurate estimates in your landscaping projects? Cedar Valley Media provides project estimations that include materials, time, and labor calculations. With accurate measurements from satellite imagery and expert recommendations, our estimations will help keep your project on budget and on time. Contact us today to learn more.


What do I get?

Cedar Valley Media provides a comprehensive property report that includes measurements of all features and materials. With this analysis, property managers, landscapers, and other industries can make informed decisions and stay on budget. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the comprehensive property information you need to make informed decisions for your landscaping projects.

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